The Apple Ecosystem : The Walled-Garden Ecosystem

Apple Ecosystem: Is it a Closed Ecosystem? | Apple Ecosystem Explained

Most you when you asked the iPhone User "why they use iPhone?", you might have got only one answer to it -


So what is the Ecosystem?



a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment.

In the Tech Community, we can say,

"A group of devices with software to create one Collaborative Network"

Apple Ecosystem | Apple Ecosystem Explained

The Ecosystem is something that draws consumers in to purchase more products to work simultaneously. Apple launched many devices like iPhone, Mac Book, iWatch, Airpods, iPad, iMac, Homepod, etc. These devices also have some propriety software AirPlay, AirDrop, Continuity that ties all the devices MAGICALLY, the Apple Way.

Here could be various other products on the market that are better and cheaper. Having an Apple product disconnects the user from using many exceptional products from third-party companies, mostly because third-party products usually are not compatible with Apple products.

So How to get into the Apple Ecosystem?

How to get into Apple ECOSYSTEM | Apple Ecosystem Explained

So Let's say you have bought the iPhone and Macbook that is a great start for the user to get into Apple Ecosystem.
Now you can use the iMessage in the MacBook, use the facetime from your laptop.
Use the AirDrop to share the data from your iPhone to Laptop using AirDrop with peer-to-peer share.
Use the tethering to use the internet from your device.

Apple Smart Watch | Apple Ecosystem Explained
Image by Niran Kasri from Pixabay

Then you are in the market to get the smartwatch, so what's the choice get the iWatch. Now you can use the iMessage from your smartwatch and can send the message. Answer the call from the smartwatch, use the facetime, and do a video call from your smartwatch.

AirPod | Apple Ecosystem Explained

Now say you want to rock the Music and want to go wireless, which wireless earphone you will get?

The answer is Airpod or Airpod Pro.

A great case is AirPods, the removal of the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 encouraged users to buy AirPods. The fluency of set-up also creates the want for the wireless earbuds as does the fluency of use within the ecosystem. The AirPod or AirPod Pro is great for the iPhone user as it connects to the iPhone effortlessly with the help of W1 Chip inside in it.

Now you want to go to Market for the Smart Speaker. There is a couple of choice Alexa Echo, Google Home, etc. What you will get? The answer is "HOMEPOD"

In 2020 the Homepod is not so great, it doesn't have Bluetooth or headphone jack. It only connects to the iPhone and uses AirPlay and iCloud. The Sound quality is incredible but the Airplay 👎

So let's check the Features of Apple Ecosystem

#1. Continuity

Every user who uses multiple devices wishes for the one thing i.e. they want to continue their surfing where they left in another device and BOOM!!! Apple listens to them and brings the awesome Feature "Continuity".

The Continuity helps the user to surf the content where they left in Apple Ecosystem, let's say if you're browsing my blog Techie Consumer on your iPhone 11 Pro Max and you want to same on your MacBook, you can start where you left and read without any interruption as the MacBook will prompt you a safari icon to continue where you left.

#2. AirDrop

Another great handy dandy feature that works MAGICALLY as Apple way is AirDrop.

It is a peer-to-peer share that lets you send data like Photo and other things from your iPhone to iMac like instantly. This saves much of the time like connecting cable or uploading in the cloud and downloading.

#3. Exclusivity

The main feature that ties in you in the Ecosystem is the Exclusivity. Many of the Ecosystem uses this technique to lure the People to get into their Ecosystem. The Apple Exclusivity is Final cut pro which is exclusive to Mac and will be only for Mac Users.

#4. It Just Works

Apple products are so awesome that they interact with other devices is a great experience. Like you have the Apple watch and you go nearby to your iMac it unlocks automatically the Apple Way.

Apple AirPods that pairs with the iPhone easily because of the W1 chip in it.

Families of devices or ‘Ecosystems’ create a sense of consistency and ease in a consumer's life and the majority of the time Apple aims to impress and support the consumer. You buy an iPhone and suddenly you have a smartwatch, a smart speaker and a top of the range laptop. Is this good for the consumer? Does it keep us connected and happy or is it to make us spend more money?

Many of the Consumers here will say is there any alternative to the Apple Ecosystem? The answer is YES.

Different Types of Ecosystem

  1. Google Ecosystem
  2. Samsung Ecosystem
  3. Huawei Ecosystem
  4. Xiaomi Ecosystem


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