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10 Reason Why Android is Better

The evolution of the Smartphone is quite remarkable back in the day when it was only used to make a call and share the SMS, but nowadays life is incomplete with the Smartphone and Internet Connectivity.

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There is only two OS that dominates the Smartphone world Android and iOS. In India, around 400 Milion people are users of Smartphones out of which only 3% are a user of iPhone (iOS).

This is due to the heavy price of the iPhone due to import tax and other taxes. Even the budget iPhones arent cheap for India.

As a result, we will today discuss, Why Android is Just Better.

Reason #1: Customization

Personality matters

The main feature of Android OS is 'Customization', where an android user can place an app on the screen where ever they want or any page.

Google Pixel

Change the default app or browser, yes in android we can change the default browser sorry iOS we don't have crappy Safari as our browser.

We can even change the Google Keyboard on Android by the way the Swift Keyboard is awful in iOS.

The Android user can even change their launcher i.e. their look and feel of their desktop. The stock UI look lures many European as well as American markets because of snappy and great look and feel.

 However, in India, the major smartphone brand is Chinese where they customize the look and feel similar to iOS which is hated by most people but some will love it.

To get the stock pixel like the look where we get App Drawer and Google Feed by swiping right, the consumer has to buy Google Nexus, Pixel devices, or Android One devices.

Notch Less Device

 But for the other devices, it's easy to just download the Pixel Launcher and done. Not only Pixel Launcher we have, Nova Launcher and other Android Launcher in Google Play Store

Many of you will comment that iOS is also customizable if we 'Jailbreak' the device, its true but the same is already offered by an android out of the box. And we can go the deeper level of Customization if we root the device and install custom ROM like Lineage OS or Resurrection Remix and more where many of them created free by members of open source community.

These can help the android user:

  1. Remove bloatware
  2. Overclocking the SoC for better gaming performance.
  3. Underclocking the SoC for better Battery life.
  4. Push the latest version of the software when they available instead of OEM to push which takes ages or sometimes they never push.
  5. Change the look and feel of the device.

Reason #2: Free Market

More Stores, More Choice

Speaking of the Freedom the iOS only allows the user to download from the native App store but in Android, we can also sideload the app. When we download the Fortnite for android from Epic we learned that apps are just .apk and can be installed in any android devices if the install from unsourced enables in the device setting.

App Store Android

The apps sideloaded does not have to adhere to Google Play Store rule so some of them can be sketchy to leak data CAUTION you have been warned!. The decision going the sideway for many companies was to release the casino app that allows you to gamble with real money many of the time was not to give the Google 30% of their revenue.

Another reason was the app itself an App store, i.e. you can have multiple app stores. Having the secondary app store like Amazon allows you to download the one paid app free daily why to miss the awesome deal.

The other small Appstore was developed to target a particular market like in China. If you want to access the Chinese market you have to go via a VPN or submit the App at Tencent App store or Baidu Mobile.

Reason #3: Desktop Interaction

Sharing is Caring

While Sharing the data from your PC to Android Device just connect the USB cable and Boom share the file. Because your PC sees the Android device as just like the other external device.

PC to Android Device Connection

In contrast, the iPhone should also do the same. No, the iPhone has to connect to PC via intermediate software iTunes.
PC to iOS Device Connection via iTunes

 While many of the iPhone users don't need to connect to PC because of iCloud or downloading files on the device, but while coping the photos from PC to iPhone need iTunes as the third person which is frustrating and can be done within a second in case of Android. In contrast, we can copy the photo from iPhone to PC as the PC sees the iPhone as a read-only device.

Reason #4: More Flavour

Pick Your Choice

As Android is more Customizable in the Software side it also offers the Hardware choice. As in iPhone, if the Consumer thinks, oh they shuck in this year's iPhone I will wait for next year.

Pick Your Choice

Not in the case of Android as it is an open-source, the OEM has to push the innovation to sustain in the market to create opportunities. which allow the competition and help the consumer to get an innovative feature like:
  1. Headphone Jack: Charge the device while listening to music via wired cable
  2. Micro SD Card: Expand storage via external cards
  3. Notch Less Device: The Notchless beautiful device
OnePlus 7 Pro

Reason #5: Different Price

Different Price for everyone

Not everyone can afford the 1500$ or ₹ 1 Lakh Plus phone. India has 400 Milion users of a smartphone and out of them, only 3% has an iPhone. India is a great market for the Smartphone as it is price centric market which helps Chinese companies like Xiaomi to hold the market.

Price of Android device

As Android is the Open-sourced OS the software is found and tweaked by many OEMs to hold the market like the Oneplus Oxygen OS, Samsung One UI, or Oppo Color OS. In android, there is a device for everyone and every price point Smartphone under 5000 or Smartphone under 7000.

Reason #6: Divide and Conquer

Split-screen Multitasking

Split-screen multitasking is boon to many power users. Provided the app support it, the android can run two apps simultaneously on the screen via Split-screen Multi-tasking.

Split-screen Multitasking

Which most of the power user can not live without it. We can read the article like 'Techie Consumer' and see the Youtube Video my Faviroute is Linus Tech Tips.

Split-screen Multitasking iOS

In iOS for iPad and iPad OS, there is the Split-screen multitasking but in the iPhone, it's not Apple thinks you should not Multitask.

Reason #7: USB Type-C

One For All

USB Type-C

The Connectivity in the device matter a lot and USB C is a perfect example of it. Nowadays the implementation of type C in every device is great as you need one cable to charge everything Laptop, smartphone, wireless earphones, and Nintendo Switch.


You all will argue that lighting port also now supports fast charging and also reversible. But back in the day, the lighting cable was superior due to reversible and higher data transfer with high power delivery. But the USB type C has closed the gap and even surpassed the Lighting with a great margin.

USB Type C Devices

I am not criticizing lighting jack but USB C is awesome and Apple can have the same port for all devices the first time ever. They even added in iPad Pro and MacBook. I hope they add in this year iPhone the Spectacular iPhone 12 Series.

Reason #8: Unlock Variety

Unlock the Potential

The Android has the variety you can unlock
  1. Pattern
  2. Password
  3. Pin
  4. Iris Scanner
  5. Face Unlock
  6. Finger Print
Unlock the Potential

This all depends on the devices. The most frustrating is apple removed the Touch-Id from their device, it would we great if the Apple integrated the Touch-Id in the back with Apple Logo.

Like the other brand has integrated its Fingerprint
  1. Back

    Fingerprint Scanner

  2. Side Mounted (Integrated on Lock Button)

    Fingerprint Scanner

  3. Under the Display
    Fingerprint Scanner

Reason #9: Back to Past

Universal Back Button

This is Controversial but yes you can go back on iPhone by swiping, on Safari when back button is available or reaching right on top that depends on App. But this was accessible when the iPhone was small but now they are gigantic.

Back Button

In Android, there is Universal Back Button that also can be customizable i.e. and be switched their position to our reach. The Android back button is in the bottom and accessible which helps the most users with the small hand.

Reason #10: LED Baby

OLED Screens

The iPhone 11 has the IPS LCD screen even though it is priced at the premium range. I know that from 2020 the iPhone will have OLED screen for all their device including the Mid ranged.

Galaxy A 71

But in the Android Devices we have OLED even for the mid-range smartphone and even offer the Notchless and Puch hole camera smartphones.

iPhone XR

Android Downside

Android also has Issues like Random Battery drain that decrease the performance.

Random Battery drain

OEM does not push the Software update that helps to fix the bugs.

No Software Updates

 Some Company has allegation on spying.

Company has allegation on spying


The Climax

The Conclusion is that no phone is perfect if Android has the reason to buy the iPhone has also had the reason to buy. It boils down to which product offers you to meet your daily need. Like Fan of Google buy Pixel or Fan of Apple buy an iPhone, love stock experience with the bank for buck buy OnePlus.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Source via Linus Tech Tips

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